Events: 10 Public Events; 2 Writing Workshops; Education Events

Forensic science and murder; local history; cultural insights; disasters; dogs; mythical beasts; coming of age and conservation; an iconic kiwi Foodie - we were so excited about the events for the Hawke's Bay Readers and Writers Festival 2020.

Then Covid-19 happened.
Then Covid-19 had its butt kicked by our team of 5 million.

Some would say it was prescience - the curation of the all-New Zealand line-up we confirmed in January - and who are we to argue, but our cleverness means we find ourselves in a bit of a bind at the not-quite-eleventh hour. You see, our goal is to keep the events as affordable as possible because we believe that literature and writers should be accessible to everyone, but bringing the 'talent' to Hawke's Bay is challenging.

That's where our Patrons, and hopefully you, come in.

We've outlined some packages below that we would love you to consider. If there's another option you'd like to discuss, please let us know. Of course, in addition to the Perks, we're happy to provide a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Thank you so much for considering Patronage of the Hawke's Bay Readers and Writers Festival 2020. Anything you can give will make the world of different to our Festival and New Zealand literature. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact: Phone: Louise 021183 8741

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