Rocking it out with Rachael

Rachael King will take part in a unique event with young writers at the Taradale Library on Saturday 8 November at 1pm

Rocking it out with Rachael is an event in which the children of the Taradale Cluster Group of Schools ask Rachael King All the Right Questions about her award winning novel Red Rocks.

Marty Smith, award winning poet and member of the Writers in Wineries Charitable Trust, says this is an event in which adults must listen very quietly, because only children may speak.

“The event will be chaired by Chloe Ryder, of Puketapu School, and a panel of Years 5-6 writers will run the event. Years 7-8 writers will be asking questions about some of the choices that Rachael faced when deciding how to put her characters and her story together.”

Any child in the audience can ask questions, and there will even be extra questions to draw out of a box for anyone who would like to join in but can’t think of what to ask.

Adults are wonderfully welcome, and will have a turn later when Chloe invites questions from the floor at the end of the session.